Please note nominations for the Manchester Young Talent Awards 20 will open early 2020. You can view the 2019 shortlist and winners here.


The Manchester Young Talent Awards are a celebration of outstanding individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 who exemplify the best attributes of Manchester’s young people. These people are nominated by you – this is your chance to make sure Manchester’s young talent gets the recognition it deserves. 


How to fill in the application

There is an area for filling in details of the nominating person, if they are different from the person up for the award. We are genuinely indifferent about whether people nominate themselves or are nominated by others.

Otherwise, please make sure you answer all the questions, stick to the word counts and make sure you answer exactly what the question is asking.

Assume you are writing to an intelligent person from outside your industry – explain or avoid niche jargon or abbreviations.

There are no marks for style, spelling, punctuation and grammar… but it will naturally unnerve the judges if they are way off! It is highly recommended that the answers given in the application are succinct. Please use bullet points where possible to cover the criteria below:

Key Question 1 – Describe the nominee’s role/scope/responsibilities

  • Describe the individual’s role or the business, team or charity project purpose – maximum 200 words

Key Question 2 – Reasons for nomination

  • Explain the key reasons for the nomination in this category. To include as appropriate how the individual, business, team or charity project has gone above and beyond expectation and/or made an outstanding contribution to the Manchester region – maximum 300 words

Key Question 3 – Describe the nominee’s achievements

  • Describe where appropriate the individual’s, business’, team’s or project’s performance metrics and achievements – maximum 250 words

Key Question 4 – Evidence

  • Where appropriate and available, evidence of client/customer testimonies/feedback and previous awards won – maximum 350 words