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Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty it has caused and could continue to cause, the Manchester Young Talent Award (MYTA) 2020 committee and JCI Manchester 2020 board of directors have decided to cancel this year’s Manchester Young Talent Awards. 


This has not been an easy decision, however as numerous businesses and individuals are facing a difficult time and an uncertainty about when things might ‘return to normal’ we believe it would be best to take this time to pause and focus on coming back stronger next year. 


The Manchester Young Talent Awards will return in 2021 and we look forward to the Manchester community coming together to recognise and celebrate the best young talent in the city. 


We would like to say a big thank you to all the businesses and individuals who have signed up to support and sponsor MYTA20 and hope we can continue to work together on MYTA21. 


If you have any questions or would like more information then please get in touch with the MYTA committee -



Team MYTA20

You can view the 2019 shortlist and winners here



How to fill in the application

There is an area for filling in details of the nominating person, if they are different from the person up for the award. We are genuinely indifferent about whether people nominate themselves or are nominated by others.

  • Answer all the questions with information that is correct and true. 

  • There are no marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar, however please understand that if a judge is not able to clearly understand your application this could affect your judging score. 

  • Use the full word count; give as much detail as possible in your application. 

  • Do not submit links in your application as these will not be used in judging.

  • Each nominee should submit a vector file of their company logo when making the nomination.

  • It is highly recommended that the answers given in the application are succinct. Though feel free to use bullet points where possible to cover the criteria below:

Key Question 1 – Describe the nominee’s role/scope/responsibilities

  • Describe the individual’s role or the business, team or charity project purpose – maximum 200 words

Key Question 2 – Reasons for nomination

  • Explain the key reasons for the nomination in this category. To include as appropriate how the individual, business, team or charity project has gone above and beyond expectation and/or made an outstanding contribution to the Manchester region – maximum 300 words

Key Question 3 – Describe the nominee’s achievements

  • Describe where appropriate the individual’s, business’, team’s or project’s performance metrics and achievements – maximum 250 words

Key Question 4 – Evidence

  • Where appropriate and available, evidence of client/customer testimonies/feedback and previous awards won – maximum 350 words